The “Psychophysiology and Neuropsychology Association (PNA) was established at Ankara, Turkey on the 23rd of July, 2006.

The founders were Prof. Sirel Karakaş (Ph.D), Prof Ceyla İrkeç (MD Adult  Neurology), Prof. Meral Topçu (MD Chlid Neurology), Prof. Nevzat Yüksel (Psychiatry), Prof. H. Muammer Karakaş (MD Radiology).

The aim of The association has been established to carry out studies with the aim of promoting and developing the science of psychophysiology and neuropsychology in Turkey and to use it for the good of society by providing unity, cooperation and solidarity among individuals conducting activities in the field of psychophysiology and neuropsychology, to spread the results of psychophysiology and neuropsychology research and information relating to education-training and applications at the national and international levels, to carry out, lead and encourage research, education-training activities and applications in the fields of psychophysiology and neuropsychology, to ensure that experts experienced in their own fields also know about psychophysiology and neuropsychology at modern standards by means of practical applications and training, to participate in the development and maintenance of rules to ensure that psychophysiology and neuropsychology research relating to human beings is done in compliance with modern criteria, and to carry out research with national and international organizations for the good of humanity.

Boards of Psychophysiology and Neuropsychology believe that the affiliation of PNA to IOP will give the former a new momentum for introducing, directing and coordinating psychophysiological research, training and practice. Such an affiliation will also help promote the aim of IOP for collaborating international, regional and continental institutions that deal with the science of psychophysiology.